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Coflex Interspinous Process Device

Interspinous process devices are designed to distract (open) the foramen, where the nerve endings pass away from the center of the spinal cord and into the legs. These devices may also unload the intervertebral disc. They will limit spinal extension (the position the spine takes on when bending backward). This backward bending position may be painful for patients with spinal stenosis because it reduces the space available for the nerve roots in the exiting foraminal openings.

Coflex Patients who suffer from spinal stenosis are ideal candidates for The Coflex interspinous implant.
The Coflex implant is used at 1 or 2 levels
in the region of L1 to S1.

The Coflex dynamic stabilization implant is designed
to create spinal stability while working to return your spine to a state that more closely resembles its
normal physiology.

Interspinous stabilization with Coflex is ideal in cases of facet arthrosis and all related decompressive procedures. Implantation of coflex allows for segmental stabilization, controlling motion.

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